Got Pepper Spray?
23.01.2014 11:06

In 2013, there were 9,082,887 property crimes throughout the United States, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 1,246,248 people reported violent crimes, with 6.8 percent of these crimes involving forcible rape and 1.2 percent involving murder. What's even worse is that these are the reported crimes, with many rapes, thefts and assaults going unreported.

Both violent and property crimes can occur both within the home and while you are walking down the street. While the police are
sworn to protect you, there are not enough police officers to watch over every corner and police response times are often too slow. Also, the police will not come to your aid if you are unable to contact them.

Luckily, there are a number of non-lethal methods you can use to protect yourself from attackers. These methods are surprisingly effective and will help you escape or overpower your attacker until help arrives.

Mace or Pepper Spray Blind, Burn and Potentially Choke Assailants       

Pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense tool that sprays capsin extract from red pepper. Upon contact, the pepper spray causes a burning sensation, swelling and potentially blindness. If the pepper spray canister creates a mist that is easily inhaled, the assailant might begin choking. When sprayed with mace, women and the elderly can more easily escape or fight back when under attack.

Stun Guns Zap Your Attacker

Stun guns send an electrical voltage through the assailant's body that disrupts the normal electrical pulses sent through the body. It causes the muscles to contract very rapidly, which depletes the blood sugar in a few seconds. This prevents the assailant from moving and also can cause pain and confusion.

The length of time that the assailant is exposed to the electrical pulse has an influence on how the assailant is effected by the electrical shock, though each individual is different. When under attack, you will want to touch the assailant with the stun gun until he or she is no longer a threat.

Personal Security Alarms Alert You To Danger

When someone breaks into your home, they rely on the element of surprise to catch you off guard. You can prevent them from accomplishing this by using a personal alarm. While there are many
personal alarms available at our store, most alarms will make a sound that can potentially startle the intruder and possibly compel him to leave.

The sound of the alarm can warn you of the current threat and help you escape without being cornered. However, there are more sophisticated alarms that will also send a message to a home alarm monitoring company that will then contact the police on your behalf. The police and ambulance services will arrive as soon as possible to assist you.

Hidden Security Cameras Offer Maximum Surveillance              

While there are many camera products that can potentially scare off intruders and attackers when they notice the camera, there are also subtle cameras that are completely hidden. Some are very small and not noticeable, while others are built to look like something other than a camera, such as a clock or thermostat.

These cameras are not only useful for home security situations, but also can be used to watch misbehaving children or identify a thief. Also, you might not want a security camera sitting in your house unless you do not notice it. Another benefit of a hidden security camera is that trespassers may find ways to stay out of a regular camera's field of view, but will not think to do so with a hidden camera.

Each Day That Goes By is a Day That You Might be Attacked        

Most states do not require a license for stun guns and pepper spray with a particular strength. These self-defense tools are also surprisingly effective, so you do not have any excuse not to keep your friends and family safe.


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